INTERCLEAN 2023 represents the program

27. 8. 2023

The INTERCLEAN conference is complete for this year. The only event of its kind in the Czech Republic intended for professionals from the field of textile care, this year prepared for its visitors a study on the comparison of industrial and home washing, a debate on workplace relations and a political Stand Up. The 26th annual traditional conference organized by the Czech Association for Textile Care will take place on October 5 at the OREA Congress Hotel Brno.

The OREA Congress Hotel Brno, located opposite the Brno Exhibition Center, underwent a significant renovation during the coronavirus period. Today, it would be hard to find a similarity with the original hotel known under the name Voronezh. “INTERCLEAN and Voronezh have a common history. The conference was regularly held there in the past. The last time was in 2015,” says Jana Puškáčová, president of the Association of Laundries and Dry Cleaners of the Czech Republic.

The organizers believe that not only nostalgia for the venue will be the attraction of this year’s event. They prepared the filling, which consists of a space for technological innovations from the world of professional washing and cleaning at the exhibitors’ stands, entertainment and lectures. “Every year we have a survey of the laundry and laundry cleaning market prepared, this year we chose to compare the ecological footprint of industrial and domestic laundry. The study was carried out for us by experts from the Faculty of mechanical engineering at the VUT Brno,” explains the topic of one of them, the executive director of the Association, Monika Býmová. The vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, Tomáš Prouza, will also be among the speakers, who will, among other things, evaluate the half-term of Petr Fiala’s government. Discussions about workplace relations with the director of the monastery in Želiv will be given space, and European industry trends and news will be brought to the conference participants by Nikola Kašparová, a member of the board of the Association.

11 supplier companies will perform at the event: ChristeynsPragoperunPrimusLapauwDomus LaundryKovoslužba OTSAlvlaProfessional SupportKemasData Expert and green M&J. Visitors will also be able to play a special escape game at their stands for the first time this year.

The guide to the conference will be the well-known TV and radio presenter, whom Czech TV viewers may know, Ondřej Blaho. He will be joined at the evening raffle by the actor Zdeněk Godla from the cult series Most, among others. DJ Silent from Brno will play for the dance. The entertainment program will also include a fashion show of the Helenín Secondary School of Arts and Crafts, whose students designed and made models from discarded laundry and clothes from laundries and dry cleaners.

Part of the program of the INTERCLEAN conference is the annual meeting of the highest body of the Association. This year too, the college will evaluate the past year and discuss the activities of the coming period.

Registration for the conference takes place on the website Members of the Association also have a discounted price of CZK 1,900 excluding VAT this year.

We look forward to seeing you!