A study of industrial laundry and workplace relations

20. 6. 2023

The 26th edition of the INTERCLEAN conference is approaching and the preparation of the event program is in full swing.

Also this year, the Association of Laundries and Dry Cleaners of the Czech Republic is having a sectoral study drawn up. This time in collaboration with VUT, focused on comparing industrial and domestic laundry. You will learn the results in one of the lectures.

The membership base of the Association came up with an idea for a lecture that would deal with relationships at the workplace, which probably all of us deal with. It will be hosted by the director of the Želiv monastery, Peter David Palušák, and conference participants will also be given space to talk about their own experiences.

We are glad that the re-elected Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and President of the Trade and Tourism Association Tomáš Prouza accepted the invitation to the INTERCLEAN conference. He will talk about the future direction of the Chamber of Commerce, which has had a new president since this spring after nine years. In his post, he also comments on the actions of the current government so far. Tomáš Prouza was the special representative of the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic for the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU.

European affairs are busy this year, as commented by Nikola Kašparová, representative of the Association for European Affairs and member of the board. How far is a product’s digital passport or carbon footprint calculator? Her performance will not only be about that.

We look forward to you on October 5 at the OREA Congress Hotel Brno!