Laundry and Dry-cleaning Association of the Czech Republic

The Laundry and Dry-cleaning Association is an association with long-term history in the field. Despite being almost 50 years old, we are a modern-thinking organisation which is able to adapt to new trends.

This approach also applies to our field of activities – many might think that the field of fabric washing and cleaning is full of dust and dirt and that it is unpleasant to work in it. On the contrary. Our specialisation is currently full of useful equipment and technologies which enable gentle but effective fabric maintenance. Laundries and dry cleaners are often designed in such a way to be pleasant not only for customers but also for the staff. They are often operations providing services to health care facilities whose requirements for laundry cleanness are very high. Therefore it is necessary to observe strict hygienic rules.

Short presentation of Laundry and Dry-cleaning Association:

The Czech Laundry and Dry-cleaning Association is a non-profit organisation which was established on 1 January 1993 and it is a direct successor of the former Federal Laundry and Dry-cleaning Association from 1967.The Czech Laundry and Dry-cleaning Association has approximately 120 members, 90 of which run laundries and dry cleaners and the remaining 30 are organisations providing supporting services in the field or supply machinery or technological equipment.

The association represents the interests of its members in public, tries to create a positive image of our useful field of activity which is often undervalued. The association currently cooperates with the state administration bodies in important areas which concern textile maintenance and renting. It cooperates on creation of the regulations for the field, discusses the proposals of technical documents and provides education and enlightenment activities for the whole sector.

The association publishes the INFORMÁTOR periodical for its members and it is sent to almost 300 addresses of the member companies but also to specialist institutions, libraries and universities.

The association organizes a number of specialist events and meetings of which the most important one is the INTERCLEAN – an international conference about textile care and renting.

This conference has been held annually since 1997 and always with many participating specialists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Specialist lectures at the conference are often given by top specialists from European countries.

In 2014 the association was approached with a request to organise the CEE-TEX summit which is an informal group of laundry and dry-cleaning associations in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The Association’s Board supported this idea and therefore this year it has been possible for us to organize this important event of European significance in Brno.

Membership in organisations:

Association of Textile-Clothing-Leather Industry

Czech Chamber of Commerce



The membership in these organisations enables effective sharing of interesting and significant information in the field which is important for member companies.Besides these “direct” memberships, the Laundry and Dry-cleaning Association is also involved in the Sector Council which participates in creation of the National Qualification System.The activities of the association are across the spectrum of activities in order to meet the goals of our members – promotion of the field, international cooperation and provision of specialist education which is a necessity in order to maintain expert knowledge.

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